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Dr. Ioanna Batsialou


Dr. Ioanna Batsialou was born on 17 August 1970 in Greece. She lives in Athens and Belgrade, where she runs her own clinics for physical medicine and rehabilitation, aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Ioanna graduated from the Belgrade University School of Medicine. Having completed several specializations and a master's degree, she earned her PhD at the age of 32. While preparing the PhD thesis in Paris, Dr. Ioanna became interested in Mesotherapy.

Innovative and open-minded by nature, Dr. Ioanna met one of the best and the most renowned experts in the field, Dr. Le Coz, who generously shared his knowledge with her. Over the following years she often went to different clinics in Paris, where she specialized in the use of Mesotherapy for the treatment of painful rheumatic and post-rheumatic conditions, aesthetic and dermatological changes.

After completing the subspecialization, Dr. Ioanna continued her professional training at the Paris Faculty of Medicine, where she enrolled in subspecialization in aesthetic medicine. She pursued her education in Brussels, at Dr. Thierry Hertoghe's globally recognized school for anti-aging medicine. Dr. Ioanna, constantly striving for improvement, attends many conferences and visits medical centres in Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Russia, France, England...

Today, Dr. Ioanna practices conservative (non-operative) aesthetic medicine, Mesotherapy and anti-aging medicine. She was among the first doctors to pioneer Mesotherapy in Serbia and has given significant contribution to it. Mesotherapy treatments are divided into two groups: facial treatments and body treatments. While both treatments are beneficial for the improvement of skin tone, rejuvenation, filling of wrinkles and lifting, the body treatment is efficient in losing excessive weight and cellulite and shows significant results in decreasing LDL and total levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which further contributes to the improvement of the entire cardiovascular, immune and gastrointestinal system. Mesotherapy also improves physical, mental and body balance. Dr. Ioanna's impressive results achieved in the patients treated with Mesotherapy, both in Serbia and other countries, are among the best results in Europe and speak for themselves. Her patients include many celebrities.

Motivated by her wish to assist patients in the best possible way, Dr. Ioanna invests enormous effort and dedication to work, along with constant learning and a need to keep up with latest knowledge and trends. Proof of that are over thirty diplomas and certificates from renowned schools and universities worldwide and over 100.000 treatments with remarkable results




















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