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Prof. Dr. med. Sotiris Tsioumas

Sotiris Tsioumas is a Surgeon Ophthalmologist Sotiris Tsioumas and graduate of the Medical School of the University of Modena in northern Italy. He completed his specialization at the "Aghios Savvas" Oncology Hospital where he gained valuable experience in a large number of surgeries, such as the restoration of eyelid, lacrimal apparatus and orbit disorders, blepharoplasty, cataract surgery using the phacoemulsification method, etc.

He then specialized in Cosmetic Medicine at the State University "Tor Vergata",

in Rome. Objects of specialization are Botox, the removal of tumors and painless,

bloodless and suture-free blepharoplasty using radio frequency ablation, hyaluronic acid (fillers) for filling wrinkles, mesotherapy, peelings, threads, the combat unsightly dark circles, etc.

Titles of Thesis of Degree and specialization are, respectively: "The prevention of infectious diseases in the postoperative cataract" and "what are the unsightly areas of upper tertile of the face and how to eliminate them".

He has held Fellowship in Advanced Photo refractive Surgery for the laser correction of refractive defects. 
The constant alertness for scientific research of new methods related to the broader field of interest leads him to Brussels where at the Hall of Anatomy of the State University of Medicine he participates in a special course on the surgical rejuvenation of the face with the use of new techniques on blepharoplasty, mini lifting, lipofilling, botox, but also the endoscopic surgery of the nose and orbit, such as the removal of tumors via endoscopic cystorhinostomy, etc.

He is a member of the Athens Medical Association,, the Greek Ophthalmological Society, the Greek and Italian Oculoplastic Society, the Italian Society of Cosmetic Medicine "AIME" and a member of the "European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery". 
The rich experience that he acquired at the University "Tor Vergata" as well as the strong friendships and continuous communication and the exchange of ideas and techniques with important and highly qualified and renowned professors and as well as his concurrent alertness on all matters that concern Cosmetic Medicine and the part of surgical ophthalmology are factors that constitute a modern scientific personality, ready to meet the needs of individuals interested in the health and aesthetics of their face and eyes.

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